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Grandmother Clock

This vintage ridgeway grandmothers clock is a fantastic choice for a small home as it features great design and features. The clock is made from baublebar materials and is usually sold through recent transactions.

Ridgeway Wall Clock

Ridgeway Wall Clock

By Ridgeway


Grandmother Clocks


Antique Grandmother Clock

This antique grandmother clock is a beautiful piece of antiquity. The movement and the dial are included. This clock has a great deal of history to bring to your home. The clock is a great addition to your kitchen, bedroom, or home office. This small grandmother clock is made in zeeland, michigan in 1892. It is a chippendale grandmother clock made by howard miller. It is seconds and hours clock with a mahogany chippendale grandmother doll case. This is a daneker grandmothers clock from williamsburg, the model is westminster and the chimes are from cherry. The case is cherry. The clock is about 7 inches tall and is made of metal. The clock is set with averett masonry and the clockshown is adequate for its size. The hands are plastic and the calender is brass. The clock is affixed to the wall with screws. The grandmother clock value is said to be " ainsi que pour toi seul, c'est la vie" - thusly, it is seen as a means to keep oneself entertained. Thewatch this video to see how this grandfather clock works.