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The emerson smart set alarm clock radio with amfm radio dimmer sleep timer is perfect for the modern feel of want to get ahead at night. With its sleek design and easy-to-use controls, this alarm clock is sure to get you through the day. this bell clock sale includes a 4 inch twin bell alarm clock with a stereoscopic dial backlight batte that features a peakeep alarm clock sound effect. the dixie belle furniture craft transfers decal is back and better than ever! Get your new stock today and see the new look of your vessel in just one day! the bell clock sale is going on right now and I've been able to find a great alarm clock that is both stereoscopic and backlit. This bell clock stereoscopic alarm bell sale email has your backlighted bell clock for just $49. 99 + free shipping! this bell clock is perfect for a small room or office and is also backlit with a steredoscopic dial backlight. It has an 8 inch twin bell alarm clock face and is 4 inches in size. It is perfect for any home or office and is backlit with a stereoscopic dial backlight.