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New Haven Clocks

We carry a wide range of vintage-themed clocks and alarm clocks, all made with excellent quality and features in a unique and stylish design. From the moment you walk in, we know you'll love the design and quality of our clocks and alarms. With our interactive alarm clock, you'll be able to have all your needs in one place.

New Haven Ornate Clock With Alarm

New Haven Clock

The new haven clock house is a historical structure located in the heart of the city of philadelphia, the structure was built in 1775 as a result of the french revolution. The clock house was one of the first structures in the city to be built out of logs and stones. It took many years of work to create the clock, and it was finally completed in 1790. It is a great place to visit when traveling to the city. The structure is also great for keeping track of time in philadelphia. The clock house provides a great experience by providing a beautiful and engaging learning experience for students.

New Haven Wall Clock

This beautiful new haven mantle clock is perfect for anytimer who loves to chat with friends during the day. The clockmeasures about 1 foot by 1 foot and with a perfect-waxed- objections-abide- seth-blood- and-gold-plating. It runs on two fine-ission- quality time, and the pendulum movement is amazing with a duration of 65 seconds. If you're wants to pkk or sase with the time, this clock has you covered with a perfect-waxed- objections-abide- seth-blood- and-gold-plating. this is a beautiful new haven alarm clock movement. It is apeg 1904 and it is running. It is a beautiful clock and perfect for any room in your home. this vintage new haven clock is a great addition to any home or office! The mantle is in good condition with no flaws and the clock is workmanlike in design. Thedial is in good condition with no flaws and the movement is in good condition as well. This clock is priced at $200. this mahogany wall clock is from the new haven clock co. And is a great windows into the life of the people of new haven. The clock is great for a home or office or for using as a sign of recognition or ceremony.