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Countdown Clock

This countdown clock by lcd digital is a great addition to your kitchen. With its digital readout and magnetic design, this timer is perfect for keeping track of your cooking process.

Taylor 5828 Dual Event Digital Timer and Clock

Taylor 5828 Dual Event Digital Timer and Clock

By Taylor Precision Instruments


Count Down Clock

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Clock Countdown

The clock countdown up clock is a great addition to your kitchen saucepan. The clock countdown can be set to countdown in or out of range. The clock can be add to cart now to get free shipping on your purchase. this loud alarm clock is perfect for large kitchens! The large lcd digital display will keep you on your feet with the count down clocks! The alarm is also digital, so you can set it as a alarm in minutes, hours, or days. The magnetic design is also great for displaying the number of hours left on the clock! this countdown clock has a loud alarm that goes off if the count down clock gets too low. The digital display shows the time until the meal is cooked, and then a timer tells you how many minutes until your meal is ready. The alarm can be turned off without a title by hitting the "off" button. this digital countdown clock is for your vacation retirement! Whether you're looking to add a bit of happiness to your vacation or just enjoy the stare of time tickling. This clock is way more than just a digital clock - it's a back-up system for your vacation home security system! Just connect to your home phone, dynadji tv, or even your work computer with the included cable. You can time your vacation just the right way with this countdown clock!