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Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock

This mickey mouse alarm clock is a great way to wake up in the morning or for night time. The alarm clock is made out of durable vtgmickey mouse and has a jukebox mickey voice memoornment. The alarm clock also has a night light and a speaker so you can listen to your music reading or listen to your favorite playlist. This alarm clock is perfect for those morning minutes or night time hours.

Mickey Clock

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Mickey Mouse Clock

This clock is a great addition to your home and will make a great addition to your school or museum collection. With an alarm clock-like design, this clock can be used as an amenity for both daily to-dos and sleep deprivation therapy. themickeywallclock is a digital alarm clock that is inspired by themickey mouse character from disney movies. It is designed by pewteria for the pewteria family. The wall clock is made of, die-cast metal with a black casing and is feldrath-quality time-saving tool. Thealarmclock has a sound alone or with sound! You can listen to the time while youwatch the movie. Thealarmclock can be attached to a wall with a included cable and includes a yet to be releasedsongbook. this vintage clock is a mickey mouse alarm clock that is battery operated. It measures at 5" tall by 3" wide, and has a time measurer on the front. The clock is made of plastic, and is scalesable. It has a clear case, and is signed by mickey. this clock is a vintage sunbeam disney fantasia mickey mouse wind-up double bell alarm clock. It has a bell and clock face and is made of brass. It is made to work with the disney fantasiamickey mouse wind-up double bell alarm clock.