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Marble Mantel Clock

This old-fashioned marble mantel clock has a beautiful black french black marble that is in good condition with few only few utilization. The timepiece has an 8day timer and is made for use on 8day. Themalachite coating ensures accurate time.

Black Marble Mantel Clock

If you're looking for a beautiful black marble mantel clock, then you need to check out this beautiful clock! It's a perfect addition to any room in your home, and it's sure to give your time the perfect element of style.

Antique Black Marble Mantel Clock

This beautiful antique black marble mantel clock is a beautiful clock that is from the time period of japan in the pre-meiji period. It is a traditional french rouge marble and baniste clock with a black marble face and a brazilian bronze date wheel. The case is also black marble and the case lid is also black marble. The movement is a movement box movement and it is also black marble. This mantel clock is a beautiful piece and is a excellent addition to any home décor. this 18th c. French louis xvi marble and gilded bronze mantel clock is in excellent condition with no brokennesia or other damage. It is! This clock is currently for sale at our store. this antique marble mantel clock table is a beautiful and unique way to display your marble clock! The table has a beautiful bolo name plate that is perfect for the clock, and is also perfect for controlling the clock in your home. The table is made from antique marble and has a strong bulova finish. It is also easy to clean, just clean the clock body and gridded sides. this vintage marble mantel clock is a 8-day french black slate and marble mantel clock medaille dargent. It is in excellent condition and has a fewmarks only. The clock is movement and works perfectly. It is also a good price at $2,