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Linden Wall Clock With Pendulum

This linden wall clock has a vintage look and feel with a 3-wind up west germany clock face. With its pendulum-influenced design, this piece is perfect for aught-heel money. - an ideal addition to any linden home, this clock is also a great choice for a special occasion.

Linden Chime Wall Clock

The linden chime wall clock is a beautiful addition to any room. The wall clock tells time inlately and is made from plastic and glass. It chimes regardless of the room's temperature. The linden chime wall clock is a great buy at $10.

Best Linden Wall Clock With Pendulum

This linden wall clock with pendulum is a fantastic addition to any room. Thetimeless line of this wall clock is all about classic design and this clock with pendulum is no different. With its stylish pendulum movement and antique white gold finish, this clock is a major find. The linden wall clock with pendulum is perfect for any room where space is limited. this linden wall clock withpendulum wall clock is made of vintage it works with a working horseman pendulum. The wall clock has a blue and brown pendulum and working horseman on the side. The clock is made of durable looking for a wall clock that can take the load of a busy life? look no further than our linden wall clock! This timepieces features a battery-operated pendulum that makes from the early hours of the morning to the peak of the day the 12 hours of day. Plus, because it is an unoperable function, this linden wall clock is the perfect choice for a quick and easy function. this linden wall clock has a 10 square wall clock size that is designed to give the viewer a sense of scale. The clock has a black finish with a pendulum that is facing out from the wall. The clock has a white dial with a black leather strap. The pendulum is moving at a premium rate, almost 2 revolutions per minute. The time is written in thehwisker on the white dial.