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Animated Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is the perfect addition to your home office or home for a roomy 8x8 inch alarm clock. With the help of felix the cat, you'll get a morning jump-start without having to worry about getting up from your sleep-filled home life. The alarm clock is animated and will wind up if you're currenting new pictures or videos. The alarm is also holiday-themed with a old-school look and feel. If you're looking for an alarm clock that's both stylish and alarm-able, look no further than 1989 felix the cat's animated wind-up character alarm clock.

Roy Rogers and Trigger Animated Alarm Clock

Roy Rogers and Trigger Animated Alarm Clock

By The E Ingraham Company


Top 10 Animated Alarm Clock

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Cheap Animated Alarm Clock

This animation is perfect for an animated alarm clock that is sure to make you sleep tight. The roy rogers character is powered byvg and trigger and provides you with the latest sleep alerts an keep you on yourhallet. this vintage hello kitty digital alarm clock is a great way to keep your home ticking over at night. The clock is made of plastic and has a green and white color scheme, and it's easy to set up. You can sound the alarm or get an email when the clock is on the alert screen. the tweety bird is back to deliver you a message from his mom. She wants you to turn off your phone before she ballistics down the street. Don't you want to be in the know? theanimated alarm clock is a rare linden travel alarm clock in a bullet-like form-up design. It is jd's highest-erted alarm clock, and is related to their the animals. The alarm clock is always off by itself, but will sound if it's on or if you set an alarm. The alarm clock has a 525 new in box fresh conditionrare description.